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In the early summer, when I went to the hometown food market to buy food, I saw the owner’s booth filled with the newly listed green and fragrant green beans. Seeing this scene, I couldn’t help but feel the heart and I bought four pounds. This reminds me of the interesting story of the childhood ‘necklace’ of broad beans. The green broad bean is newly listed, and thousands of households must buy some back at this time to try their best. The beans are peeled and shelled to make a variety of fancy dishes. Eating and drinking porridge are all people’s dishes on the table. Eat in your mouth, incense in your heart, endless aftertaste. When I was a child, my family had a large population. When my mother bought food at the festival, she always had to buy ten pounds of green beans. Buy back the shell and take the kernel. After the water is boiled, put the green bean kernel into the pot and sprinkle with the appropriate salt. After the cooked, you can eat it. At that time, eating broad beans also ate patterns. The adults can make the cooked beans like crafts, and use the cotton thread to fasten the green beans and hang them on the child’s neck, like an emerald necklace, which is very beautiful. Children are happy on the face, adults are happy in their hearts Van Cleef Earrings Replica. I put the broad bean necklace that my mother gave me by myself, and I like to show off in front of my little friends. I have a special sense of pride in my heart. The summer temperature is high, and the broad bean kernels hanging around the neck are still reluctant to eat. I play with my little friends. I have a taste of it. When I see the eyes of other friends,

 grade of elementary school

I will pick them up and eat them. Share the delicious taste of green broad beans in my body. I remember when I was in the third grade of elementary school, the school had provisions for busy leave. At that time, it was not for you to take a vacation at home, and the school unifiedly organized students to support the neighboring rural brigade. In the field, everyone picks up the wheat in the wheat fields after the farmers harvest in order. After the wheat ears were full, everyone gave a basket and a basket to the head, and it was sweating. Responsible for the captain of the village, I saw that we were very busy, and arranged for the staff to pick up a basket of green beans at the field, wash them with water, and even peel the shells, cook them directly in the pot. ‘Souvenirs’ entertained the ‘little guests’ who supported our farmers. Everyone was very happy and had already forgotten their fatigue. At this time, I remembered that my mother gave me a ‘necklace’ of broad beans. So I peeled a lot of broad bean kernels, avoided people’s sight, put them in my pocket, and went home to ask my mother to help me to make a broad bean ‘necklace’. In the evening, my mother asked me where the broad bean kernel came. I told my mother one by one, and I was trained by my mother to tell me not to lose public fat. In the end, my mother made a broad bean ‘necklace’ for me. I hung on the bed and enjoyed it, and went to sleep with my good intentions. Now children eat broad beans can not taste the taste and taste of our time. Young parents have lost this craft tradition. Thinking of this, the fun of childhood was not found back, only to stay in the memory of the fragrance…

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