China is in the stage of luxury consumption to show

China is in the stage of luxury consumption to show off the transition from consumption to lifestyle. At this stage, some people want to show off, they must buy the brand that the public knows, and they must have big letters, lest the world do not know; some people only consume because of lifestyle, and care about the intrinsic quality of consumer goods. It is the consumption concept that many luxury suppliers are pushing now Van Cleef Earrings Replica. Low-key luxury, without too much negative externality, is an important part of the needs of a better life. For the consumption of lifestyle, what reason is adjusted by consumption tax? There are still some suggestions for the so-called high-end services to impose a consumption tax. In this regard, we cannot doubt the good intentions of the proponents, but the problem is that such proposals are feasible. If the collection and management is not feasible, then the best advice on the adjustment of the consumption tax is just a matter of trouble. I believe that this elliptical high-beauty ladies watch released by the Earl SIHH has received a lot of attention from readers. But many people also said that they don’t know much about this series. In fact, the Extremely Lady series was once famous for subverting the traditional oval jewel dial and exquisite and delicate gold strap. According to a report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the total overseas consumption of Chinese tourists in 2017 was 258 billion US dollars, ranking first in the world. It is a pity for the Chinese economy. If we can let wealthy Chinese consumers buy luxury goods, the positive effects will be very impressive. China is aware of the problems brought by China’s quantity of luxury goods. In China’s economic troika investment, exports and consumption, there is a large outflow in consumption.

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