This extraordinary woman has been the director

This is a charming woman ? Dusan. This extraordinary woman has been the director of Cartier’s fine jewelry department from 1948 to 1970. Not only is it an indispensable figure in the history of Cartier, but also the ‘number one hero’ that makes the cheetah totem carry forward. If you say that Dusan makes the cheetah totem a symbol of Cartier, then the cheetah to the top of the peak has to mention another charming goddess – the Duchess of Windsor. In order to please the goddess with the appearance and extraordinary charm, the Duke of Windsor not only gave up the throne, but also customized a legendary cheetah brooch in 1949. Imagine a jewel that is studded with diamonds and sapphires in a 152.35-carat (drunk) cabochon ‘Kashmir’ sapphire. It can only prove that it is reluctant. Money can’t win the goddess. This heavy-weighted cheetah brooch opened the path of the Duchess of Windsor. In 1952, she customized a cheetah bracelet. This clever bracelet is a lively cheetah when lying flat, while wearing it. Can be soft wrapped around the hand, is it unclear? You can only sigh, the love between Gao Fushuai and Bai Fumei can be full of adventures! Under the birth of this great love, the cheetah totem is naturally one of the classic symbols of Cartier.

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