the animal’s feminine fur Van Cleef Earrings Replica

In 1914, Cartier’s classic jaguar was first introduced, with beautiful spots, elegant figure and charming and varied characteristics, winning the world’s favorite. Today, a hundred years later, the brand has created a brand new ‘Panthere de Cartier’ leopard series, which incorporates the styles of the jaguar ‘masculine vs. feminine’ and ‘noble vs. wild’ into the design of jewelry and watches. Officially staged on August 29. Fur inlays show exquisite craftsmanship In order to perfectly present the beautiful shape of the jaguar,

 the animal's feminine fur Van Cleef Earrings Replica

Cartier draws on a large amount of information from the design sketches, including rushing, screaming, jumping, etc., capturing every pose and look of the jaguar, with a delicate ‘fur setting’ ( Hair Setting) The jewellery setting technique creates the visual effect of the animal’s feminine fur Van Cleef Earrings Replica, and people can’t help but want to follow the hair. Lifelike, it seems to have life In addition to the ‘fur inlay’, Cartier shows no one can show the right grid mosaic, full mosaic, decorative onyx and polished sapphire, to interpret the beauty of the leopard, every jaguar jewelry It’s not like living, it seems to have life. The upcoming Cartier Jaguar Collection Jewelry and Watch Exhibition will be on display from August 29th to September 1st and is expected to feature hundreds of works.

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