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At the beginning of the new year, there is always a lot of expectation. Whether it is to change a new job or change to a new mood, everyone wants to feel like a new look into the next year’s work. In the early spring, I will put on a new dress and buy some. The new jewellery has changed from this moment to a different one. The white suit is the easiest combination for professional women, but the white color of the whole body will always look rigid if it is not pinched. It is more formal than the symmetrical design skirt and the split-sleeve suit style dress. charming. The reason for matching diamonds is that even if you agree that the color system is not picking people, you can’t ignore the sense of existence. In the gesture of shaking hands, the charm of women, pink jewelry and camellia patterns and pearls are the most suitable, not only can make this white more affinity, It can also make the gas field become soft and soft. Editor’s Choice: IZAN Love Diamond Jewelry Jane Diamond Bracelet Tiffany Tiffany Masterpiece Fine Jewelry Necklace Chanel Plume Perlee De Chanel Jewelry After talking about the white suit, black is of course a hot choice. Slim pants, fitted shirts, pointed high heels and a long trench coat are standard. The difference is that choosing a casual windbreaker can make you look more relaxed. Vitality, the shirt unlocks two buttons but is rigorous. The jewels that are pushed and matched with the black suit are non-diamonds, the dull black is lit by diamonds to make you look good, and the chic design will make this chic more artistic.



 Inspired by the unique rhythm and energy of nature

Editor’s Choice: IZAN Love Diamond Jewelry Jane Love Earrings Cartier Cartier New Magicien Collection High Jewelry Earrings Bulgari Divas’ Dream Collection Jewelry Earrings Finally, we look at a set of standard professional suits, wine red leather skirt and knee length is just right, with a black blazer elegant and not boring, in the details of the suit plaque design, a little thoughts will make the overall feeling public different. The jewellery of this kind of suit is very simple. Choose the same color jewellery, or choose the diamond directly Van Cleef Earrings Replica. The diamonds and jewels must not be too complicated and destroy the dignified and light style, the calm color or the pearl diamond. It also contributes to the improvement of the gas field. Following London and New York, Cartier’s new R?SONANCES DE CARTIER high-end jewellery collection was presented at the Fosun Art Center, a new landmark of art and culture at the Bund in the 100th year from January 19th to 27th. With rare gems as the notes and rich creativity as the score, more than 400 high-quality jewellery items including the R?SONANCES DE CARTIER series are under the master baton of Cartier, and the music of the song of life is written, sometimes passionate. Frustrated, sometimes gentle as water, free from ambiguity, harmonious resonance. Inspired by the unique rhythm and energy of nature, the new R?SONANCES DE CARTIER series interprets the rhythm of “rare gems”, releasing the vitality inherent in each jewel, listening to the shape and color of each jewel. And the wonderful carols that bloom in the halo, echoing and resonating with each other. Cartier specializes in the use of sleek and lively designs, sometimes with seemingly more free lines, and sometimes with strong contrasts, highlighting the power and personality of the gemstones, deeply embodying the endless enthusiasm of the brand for admiring rare gems, and revealing this new high-end jewellery. The meaning behind the series. The Fosun Art Center, which is known as the “building that can dance”, is like a huge bronze organ standing on the banks of the Pujiang River, playing the symphony of the symphony. The three-layered gold curtain can flow over time, like a lively staff, carrying the jewels that beat the life melody. When the night falls, the jewels of the jewels and the beautiful scenery of the skyline of the Pujiang River illuminate each other. The large-scale public art work “Digital Sky Garden” on the fourth floor of the Fosun Art Center has transformed into a jewel hall in the air, welcoming many Distinguished guests stop to return: Mr. Renaud Litré, CEO of Cartier China, together with well-known actors Zhang Zhen, Huang Xuan, Ma Yizhen, International Supermodel He Sui, Fosun Foundation and Fosun Art Center Chairman Wang Jinyuan, famous director Li Shaohong Chinese contemporary artist Zhou Tiehai and famous photographer Liu Xiangcheng gathered here to share the jewels. Powerful singer Ms. Huang Liling (A-Lin) performed lively repertoire, and the chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant UltraViolet, Paul Pairet, also personally presented a fine dinner for the guests. The exhibition will be open to the public from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on January 27th, presenting the inspiration of the brand’s extraordinary aesthetic heritage and constant innovation for more than 170 years. By then, more jewellery lovers and collectors can go there in person and go to a jewel in the charm of jewellery.

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