The sale of fur products at Fendi’s small stores is very good

Eduardo, Fendi and Adele Fendi were the founder and designer of Fendi; after the end of World War II, the five sisters of the Fendi family took over business in 1965, Carle lagsfield joined Fendi as design director; in 1994, the third generation successor, Sylvia, took over the handsome seal and served as the creative director of leather accessories.

A leather shop in Rome

Adele, Casa Grande, 191, a 21 year old kid, opened a small leather goods store in banjadea square in Rome, Italy. Because the product lacks originality, the business of small shops has been very dull. 192 Ben, Adele married a man named Edoardo Fendi and changed the name of the shop to Fendi. Edoardo Fendi has a good taste and taste, with his full support. The business of the Fendi shop is getting better. Their main products are handbags and leather goods. With the heart of Fendi’s husband and wife, the products in the shop are becoming more and more popular.

Later, the Fendi couple developed fur products. You know, expensive fur is not affordable for most people at that time.

The exclusive product of the society. The sale of fur products at Fendi’s small stores is very good, and the daily customers have come to the door. Their design has become a hot topic in the Rome society, and even has a long order of Royal guests. With the ferment of word of mouth, foreigners also come to their shop to make a fur coat. Since then, the Fendi store in Rome has established its authoritative position in the fur industry.

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